Julie Fredin

Graphic Designer / Owner

I love to design and create, I love seeing my creations come to life. My design taste and process has changed over the years, I want to be a clean, timeless designer that helps you shape the face of your company.

Art was always a passion of mine and with years of sales experience, I finally found something I am truly passionate about. Designing is the perfect melding of art and marketing.

Most of my own experience has been with small start-ups and have had great success with that. I truly enjoy working with people and having the client be a part of the entire design process, it is your company and you know it best. My small business clients are very special to me, many of them have been long term clients, starting out with one piece of work and developing into a partnership on growing their companies.

I love finding like minded people in the starting stages of building their company and brand, working together to create something magical. My clients businesses are important to me, I feel like when you succeed I succeed, so it is in my best interest to work hard for you.

I look forward to talking to you about your new business or improving your existing business. Contact me today info@juliefredin.com

Jason Fredin

Marketing/ Programming

Connecting companies with customers is a large part of what I do as a marketer.

My education, graduating from Fanshawe College, gave me a solid base in many technical aspects of maketing. My favourite is helping small business owners to analyze various options and providing advice in reports which are easy to understand with clear recommendations.

Since graduating in 2002, a lot of things have changed.

As an early and avid user of social media, I enjoy helping companies use these channels to engage with and build relationships with their customers. Creating engaging content for companies or outlining content strategies for you to provide your own content.

My specialty in our website work is mostly the behind the scenes components. Using PHP and the WordPress platform I enjoy helping to tailor the sites we build to customers specifications. I look forward to talking to you about your new business or improving your existing business.

Contact me today jason@juliefredin.com