Fresa Weddings Branding
We redesigned their logo, the client brought me designs and I polished them. We changed the logo from an all in one logo to a more versatile logo and tagline for when the company expands. (more on this on the blog).

Fresa Weddings Website
I was approached by Fresa Weddings to fix their website. The client had a template purchased but the website did not portray the company as a wedding planner. We worked with the template as a framework and redesigned the site to have a wedding feeling. We wanted to create traffic and generate more bookings for this client.

Fresa Weddings Print Design
We redesigned their business card, the client brought me a design and thought it could be better so we worked on polishing it. We also created a poster, and square brochure.

Fresa Weddings Promotional Media
We created a small clothing line, nametags and promotional bag.